Japanese Tea Varieties

SENCHA is the most popular Japanese tea with its fresh scent and the exquisite balance of bitter and sweet flavour.Highly recommended to those who are new to the Japanese tea world.

KUKICHA is made up of only with the stalks instead of tea leaves.

The tea leaves for GYOKURO are grown under the special coverage which interrupts the direct ray of the sun. Only with this traditional method, the authentic flavour of GYOKURO is emphasized. Its elegant aroma and the unique sweet essence make GYOKURO an exceptional Japanese tea.

HOJICHA is made up with roasted tea leaves. Since it contains little Caffeine and Tannin, it is appropriate to children and elders.

Brown rice is roasted and then it is blended with tea leaves to make GENMAICHA. It is rich in the mixed flavour of roasted rice and the tea leaves.